Berry Record- Make Voice Notes During Phone Calls

berry-record-blackberry-3You’re driving down the road talking to a colleague on your BlackBerry Storm (yes, you shouldn’t do that) and you need to make note of a phone number your friend is giving you. Do you stop the car (yes, you should), grab a pen and paper and write the number down? Not you, you have a BlackBerry and Berry Record.

Berry Record lets you record voice notes while in the middle of a phone call. Now, before you get all hot and bothered about legalities, you can’t record both sides of the conversation, just little voice notes to yourself. In the example above, you hit the button, record the phone number for later, and continue talking to your colleague.

Berry Record is only $2, and besides recording notes during calls, you can also listen to previously recorded notes during them. So when your other colleague needs that phone number later, you just play it back. Pretty slick, I must say.

(via BlackBerry Rocks)


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