Industry Moves: Paramount Digital; AdMedia Partners; JEGI; Burrell, NBCU

Paramount Digital Entertainment (PDE), part of *Viacom* and a division of Paramount Pictures Corporation, has appointed Keith Quinn as its SVP of creative development and production. Quinn will report to Thomas Lesinski, president of PDE, and will oversee the development and production of a pipeline of original digital content. Quinn joins PDE from Agility Studios, which he co-founded in 2008 as a cross-platform entertainment shop..others in the venture were Scott Ehrlich and Larry Tanz. Prior to that Quinn was SVP, development and production for the now-shuttered LivePlanet digital entertainment venture.

Mark Edmiston, a notable fixture in the media banking sector for the last 20 years, has retired, after serving as a partner at media/marketing i-banking firm AdMedia Partners. Mike Klingensmith, who joined AdMedia last fall after a long stint at Time Inc, will replace him as the head of their media practice. Prior to joining AdMedia in 1999, Edmiston co-founded the rival i-bank The Jordan, Edmiston Group Inc. (JEGI), which still bears his name.

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— Meanwhile at JEGI, Wenda Harris Millard has joined the firm

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