NEC VersaPro UltraLite- Thinnest, Baddest Notebook

nec-lightThere’s a thin, new netbook in town — well, it’s a little expensive for a netbook, but it’s certainly thin and light. The NEC VersaPro UltraLite that appears on video is the thinnest notebook yet, and it can be picked up with just two fingers. It has a 64 GB SSD, which is no doubt why it’s going for around $1,000 in Japan, but it’s just so darn cool.

It has a 10.6-inch display running at 1,280×768 and can easily give a Sony VAIO P a run for its money in the small and light category. Like the Sony, this NEC is hardly bigger than the keyboard, which means no trackpad; you’ll have to make do with a trackstick in the keyboard. Have a look at the NEC VersaPro UltraLite, the first true rival to the VAIO P.

(NEC site via Portable Monkey)


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