UPDATE: CrunchPad Unboxed on Video REMOVED

The CrunchPad, that web tablet that Techcrunch is working to get released, has appeared being unboxed on video. It’s covered in fingerprints, so it’s not exactly a real, new tablet, but it’s the first look we’ve seen yet in a more or less real setting. It appears fairly thick and, thus, heavy — but until we get one in our own hands, we can’t say much else. Take a look, and see how it looks to be getting closer to reality. Love the Bing sticker on the back — looks like they already have a sponsorship deal in place.

UPDATE: Techcrunch says the video taken at its own party was posted without its permission, and it has been removed from YouTube. The guy showing the CrunchPad in the video is none other than the CEO of Techcrunch’s partner, Fusion Garage. Sounds a bit wonky to me. I guess they can do it to others but don’t like it themselves.

(Crunchpad Fans via Trooper)


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