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Is Google About To Introduce A Microblog Search Offering?

imageGoogle (NSDQ: GOOG) executives have openly professed their admiration for Twitter’s success and they may finally be able to cash in on it. The Google Operating System blog reports that the company will launch a search service that will index content from Twitter and other microblogging sites, similar to Google’s current blog search offering. Results would also be incorporated into Google’s main web results. Google Operating System (which is not associated with Google) does not cite sources for its story but does note a recent Google listing, which refers to “Google’s MicroBlogsearch” and mentions Twitter as “the popular service associated with this format.” As the blog notes, it also wouldn’t be too surprising for Google to launch a way to search Twitter, considering that Google’s Marissa Mayer has said that that the company is “interested in being able to offer … micro-blogging and micro-messaging in our search.”

It’s unclear whether Google would be launching the service independent of Twitter. The two companies have been rumored to be in discussions about some sort of search partnership — and Google CEO Eric Schmidt has talked about how ads could be attached to services like Twitter — something that he said Google would be “very happy to pursue with them.” If Google did launch its service independent of Twitter, it’s easy to see how users could swoop to the Google version, rather than Twitter’s own search service, which is riddled with problems. A Twitter executive said last month that the company was planning to bulk up its own search function but nothing has been said about those plans since. Reached for comment Sunday, a Google spokesman said, “While we don’t have anything to announce today, real-time information is important, and we’re looking at different ways to use this information to make Google more useful to our users.”

6 Responses to “Is Google About To Introduce A Microblog Search Offering?”

  1. If a partnership between Google and Twitter comes through then this is worth talking about – otherwise, I see too many issues with Google doing real time search correctly.

  2. Even if Twitters search is broken, why should it be difficult to monetize? Because it is broken, it may mean that the propensity to use the search may be limited…not necessarily that its monetization will be difficult, if on a CPM basis. I've noticed that RSS feeds for Twitter updates used to be broken as well.

    I think realtime search is much more powerful, even if it does skip tweets every now and then. If google's tweetsearch will be delayed – even if by just an hour or so, it wont be as effective.

  3. Robert Andrews

    I have, for several months, been using a Firefox plugin that places corresponding Twitter search results on Google search pages. It was clear, during the take-off of blogs, that there's value in indexing conversation; now that conversation is going real-time, that has to be a consideration, too.