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Mozilla's Collections Deliver Themed Groups of Firefox Extensions

Mozilla released a new initiative this week for users of the Firefox browser, called Collections, with an introduction and an explanatory video available here. We covered it on the OStatic blog, and it looks like anyone who works with Firefox and appreciates how extensions add to the power of the browser can get a lot out of Collections. They are essentially sets of useful extensions, usually associated with each other according to similarities in what they do.

Among other things, Collections let you click one link to put a whole set of your favorite Firefox extensions on a new installation of the browser. You can subscribe to and install someone else’s Collection of extensions, or you can post your own Collection. You can also save your set of favorite extensions as a Collection, and then when you install a new instance of Firefox on any device, add all your favorites at once.

There are already several Collections found on the right of the Add-ons for Firefox page.  Even if the idea of installing a pre-built set of extensions doesn’t appeal to you, you may still appreciate Collections as a way of discovering extensions that may be similar to ones you use, or that you never knew about before.

For example, this is the Download Squad Pack Collection. It consists of 19 Firefox extensions that the folks over at the Download Squad blog love, and these folks write about useful Firefox extensions nearly every day. In their Collection, you’ll find TabMixPlus, which greatly enhances how you can work with tabs in the browser, Better Gmail2, which extends what you can do with Gmail, and more.

If you’re a web developer, check out this Collection of add-ons for the well-loved extension Firebug.  It has extensions that complement and extend what Firebug does. Likewise, the Social Circuit Collection delivers you 16 extensions for social networking sites and applications.

Not every Firefox user will want to add groups of extensions to their browsers all at once, but you don’t have to. I’ve found a number of extensions that I want to try by simply pursuing the early sets of Collections being posted. These are worth a look, especially if you live in Firefox all day.

What extensions will make it in to your personal Firefox Collection?

2 Responses to “Mozilla's Collections Deliver Themed Groups of Firefox Extensions”

  1. Anomaly

    This is the second article I have read that says you can install a collection of addons all at once. I have yet to see how? There is no link in any collection I have looked at or created to install all the addons in it at once. Each addon has a download link beside it to install each one seperatley but no “install all link”. Am I missing something or what?