It’s No Myth, View2Gether Shares GREEK‘s Social TV Stats


Social TV is a big trend this year, so we’re always eager to see how it’s being adopted out in the wild. While talking to us about his platform’s recent Twitter integration, View2Gether‘s CEO Chris Adams also shared some nice stats on how his company’s white-label social viewing service is being used by ABC Family’s show GREEK.
View2Gether is currently being used by ABC Family to create viewing parties around its show Greek. ABC Family had been using Lycos for social viewing. (The network did not provide a reason for switching vendors in time for our post.) The latest Greek season started on March 30 and within 18 hours of the show’s premiere, more than 50,000 people watched the show using the View2Gether platform. Additionally, the show averaged 35,000-40,000 social viewers a week online after that. Viewing parties averaged 15 people in attendance.

Other View2Gether clients include CBS Interactive’s (s CBS) Australian video portal and Sony (s SNE), which plans to roll out the service territory by territory across 34 of its sites internationally, starting this summer. The Sony deal will include Crackle, so you’ll presumably be able to chat about that knife stuck in the head of Zoe Bell while watching Angel of Death.

Last week, View2Gether introduced Twitter functionality. Using the View2Gether platform, users can send chat comments made about a video out to their Twitter accounts. Additionally, users can link a tweet to a specific video frame. So, for example, if you were watching Tiger Woods sink a shot with friends, you could comment “Nice Putt!” in the video chat, which would then be turned into a tweet that would have a link for a follower to watch that exact moment you were talking about. Once there, its possible for that follower to join your viewing party. That’s a smart way of better harnessing social media connections with direct actions.

View2Gether isn’t alone in the quest to bring socialization to your viewing experience. Rivals like ClipSync handle social viewing for CBS domestically on and MySpace, while Paltalk and Watchitoo add a video chat twist. Elsewhere, Facebook has integrated its platform into big events like President Obama’s inauguration, and Verizon is bringing social services like Facebook and Twitter to the TV screen. For an excellent round-up, check out Liz’s State of Social TV over at our paid content sister site, GigaOM Pro.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, View2Gether has 10 employees, with the engineering staff in Toronto, Canada, where the company started roughly two years ago. It raised an undisclosed Series A round in April of this year from (and former Co-President of Sony Pictures and President of CBS Television) Chairman Jeff Sagansky and View2Gether Pacific, an investment vehicle for a number of Australian investors.


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