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DOE Dole Too Slow, Says Chu: Energy Secretary Steven Chu says he’s “turning up the heat” on stimulus programs in areas including fossil energy and electricity transmission that “don’t feel the sense of urgency that they should feel” to get cash out the door quickly. — Associated Press

Second Look at Japan Climate Plan: On its face, Japan’s plan to cut emissions by 15 percent compared with 2005 levels by the end of the next decade seems modest, but “by some important measures, Japan’s target is more ambitious than that contemplated by either the United States or the European Union.” — NYT’s Green Inc.

Clunker vs. Clunker: The House and Senate are in the final stretch of shaping two versions of a cash for clunker bill — one that would require a major leap in fuel efficiency, and another that’s more concerned with clearing dealer lots of SUVs and pickups than boosting MPGs. — BusinessWeek

Cheap Oil Era Officially Over: For the first time, the Energy Information Administration appears to be joining with experts who have long argued that the era of cheap and plentiful oil is drawing to a close. — Grist

Gas Prices on the Brain: A new survey from Kelley Blue Book finds that for the last two months, rising gas prices have caused more than 60 percent of people shopping for a new car to either change their minds or consider vehicles they wouldn’t have otherwise. — Press Release