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What Yahoo Employees Can Expect From Their New CFO

imageFor all the coverage of Yahoo’s new CFO, there’s been little discussion of his track record at his last company — semiconductor firm Altera Corp. It can basically be summarized in three words: continuous cost cutting. And that could mean more restructuring on the way for Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) employees. At a tech conference held shortly after he took over as Altera’s CFO in 2007, Timothy Morse explained the philosophy that he internalized during 15 years at General Electric: “Growth companies and high-tech companies have traditionally been very successful in innovating the topline and finding new ways to grow; it hasn’t always been that balanced equation looking at capital and cost structure.”

To rectify that, he said he had assigned 130 employees to an “internal simplification” initiative. A year later, during a quarterly call in which he said that operating expenses had fallen 4 percent, he was asked whether there was room for even more cost cutting: “We

6 Responses to “What Yahoo Employees Can Expect From Their New CFO”

  1. jenkins

    What are they great at? Carol Bartz just said they are not a search company. We all know their traffic is flat (at best). When you strip out ad company acquisitions they aren't even growing profits anymore. So, I ask you? Why are they so great?

  2. Yahoooooooo!

    so many disgruntled former employees with too much time on their hands, so many blogs to leave snarky comments on. Yahoo! is still a great company.