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Samsung N120 Reviewed: “A Very Strong Netbook”

samsung_n120_netbook_05-580x386Our pals over at Geek are peeking at a netbook that I haven’t had a chance to play with yet. After my initial jealousy wore off, I read through their hands-on review and I’m wishing I had finagled a review unit out of Samsung.

They’re checking out the Samsung N120, which is a standard 10-incher running the N270 and a gig of RAM. You most definitely have to like a glossy screen to even think about the N120 though. Check the mirror on this baby!

I’m probably most impressed with the right-Shift key money shot. The size of that key looks just right to me. Of course when you have some extra screen bezel, you can usually fit in a decent keyboard.

2 Responses to “Samsung N120 Reviewed: “A Very Strong Netbook””

  1. J&R has gotten in a TON of netbooks. I’ve fondled Lenovos, MSIs, Asuses — including the seashell — Toshiba, Fujitsu, hp. And out of all of them, THIS is the frikkin BEST one. Fast bootup, great screen (better than Seashell), and keyboard to die for (yes, better than hp!). Anyone who is the market for a netbook should check out this one before buying. It makes me drool.