New on GigaOM Pro: A Look at the Data Domain Deal

With both NetApp and EMC eager to acquire Data Domain, the leading storage-efficiency company appears certain to be facing a future in the arms of a larger firm. Om in a post last week laid out some of the reasons why both companies are interested in acquiring Data Domain and its de-deduplication expertise, and suggested that the deal could be a bellwether event for the storage business.

The analysts at TechAlpha agree, and in a new research note for GigaOM Pro, they take a look at the strategic rationale behind the offers made by both EMC and NetApp, why Data Domain is open to an acquisition, why other potential buyers are unlikely to emerge, and dig into what the deal reveals about the state of the storage business today. They’ve also tapped their contacts to provide the customer perspective on what the Data Domain acquisition — and further consolidation in the industry — would mean for them.

Get the full research note here (subscription required).