Intel’s Next Atom: Higher Clock Cycles, Lower Power Consumption


Image Credit: HKEPC

Sitting in on an Intel web conference three weeks ago, I thought I’d hear details on the Pine Trail platform. Instead, we only got high-level information, and then the focus turned to software. Now it looks like the details are dripping out slowly, by way of HKEPC. We already knew that the next-generation Atom would be moving from three chips to two. That reduces cost, power consumption and size while increasing performance. The above chart shows the meaty specs, though: higher clock-cycles, lower power consumption, a new and faster graphics chipset, and support for faster DDR2 memory. It’s also noteworthy that Intel can go fanless with the new chipset.

The anticipated launch date for the new Atom is in the last quarter of this year. If production samples get out in the third quarter, there’s an off-chance that we could see some devices sporting a new Atom for the holidays. Even if we don’t, I’m certain we’ll see the next-gen chip all over the Consumer Electronics Show in January.


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