Evernote Lands on the Pre


evernote_2009-11-06_202450Some folks are disappointed by the lack of titles in Palm’s Application Catalog for the Pre. I can definitely sympathize, but I’m actually turning the tables on the situation. I’m playing a virtual game of hide-and-seek by checking the catalog a few times a day. I guess that makes me “it.” After counting to 10 this evening, I sought out and found a great new addition: Evernote just hit the Palm Pre.

I don’t see any official news on this release on the Evernote blog just yet. The app is an early version, though from what I can tell, the basic strengths still apply. Using the application, you can create a note from text, an existing photo or a brand-new snapshot. Evernote will automatically create a text note online once you type it in your Pre, while photos are sent via email. In either case, all of the text in your note is recognized and indexed on the Evernote server, allowing you to search for any text in your notes, even if it’s in a photo. Tags are supported on text notes, but not in photos. From the application on your Pre, you can view all of your notes stored on the Evernote server. From my first look, it appears that you need to search notes through a standard web browser, not within the client app on the Pre in this version. OK, time for me to close my eyes and start counting while the apps go hide…


David Robins

I like Pre very much! The only problem I have with Pre is that it is harder to write application for pre compared to iphone. We are (www.binfire.com) writing the same app for both iPhone and Pre and Apple’s interface is much easier to implement.


I have this wonderful app on my iPhone. I’m glad the Palm got off its behind and produced a decent competitor to my favorite Apple offering. Good luck to all.

However, despite Palm’s wonderful job, looks like an iPhone 3Gs will be replacing my first gen iPhone.


I am dumbfounded. STILL no Android app after 18 months, and this comes out a week after launch. I realise the G1 isn’t the worlds most popular phone but the Android platform is picking up speed and will soon take off in a big way. How can any software house developing for multiple platforms miss that opportunity!


To screen-grab your Pre.
Orange + Shift + P
Orange + SYM + P


To conduct a search of your notes (you won’t see a visible search box on the display) you simply start entering text with the keyboard and a search box will appear as notes are dynamically filtered at the same time.
Also, Evernote reads text within pictures such as screen grabs that you upload from your Pre.


That’s funny I find myself checking the App Store at least 10 times/day

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