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DOE Details More Funding Opps: The Department of Energy today detailed some of how more than $300 million in investments funded by the stimulus package and the agency’s annual appropriations will be divvied up among clean energy technologies including carbon capture from coal, solar power and high-efficiency cars and trucks. — Press Release

IBM Researching Efficient Batteries: IBM is all over the smart grid and bringing IT to the energy industry, but looks like it’s got its eyes on batteries, too. The MIT Tech Review profiles IBM’s work to commercialize batteries “that store 10 times as much energy as today’s within the next five years.” — MIT Tech Review.

China Wants U.S. Cleantech: China wants the U.S. to offer up “top of the line” clean energy technologies as part of the next climate agreement. A U.S. envoy says there’s room for agreement. — Associated Press

Chromasun Hot for Solar A/C: Startup Chromasun plans to apply concentrating solar power techniques used in utility-scale power plants on a small scale to cool commercial buildings. — CNET’s Green Tech

Wind Turbines Out to Sea, Way Out: StatoilHydro and Siemens are installing what they say is the world’s first large-scale floating turbine to exploit the potential of the technology in deep waters. — NYT’s Green Inc.