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Cablevision's Free Wi-Fi Offer Hugely Popular With Customers

[qi:gigaom_icon_routers] Cablevision’s (s cvc) offer of free Wi-Fi for its Optimum Online high-speed Internet customers service has proven to be hugely popular. The service has logged 2 million sessions since its launch last year, and is currently averaging more than a million minutes of use per day. The company noted in a press release that the second million sessions took place in under three months, less than half the amount of time as the first million.

The service boasts “thousands” of Wi-Fi access points across Cablevision’s area of operation, and touts itself as a free (since it is included for free with standard home Internet) alternative to wireless data cards from cell companies. Cablevision also notes that most carriers let their customers use the Wi-Fi capabilities of their phones to access Optimum Wi-Fi — with the notable exception of Verizon (s vz) which prevents users from accessing Wi-Fi networks on their phones. Of course Verizon, with its FiOS service, also happens to be one of Cablevision’s biggest rivals.

4 Responses to “Cablevision's Free Wi-Fi Offer Hugely Popular With Customers”

  1. Just switched to FiOS from Cablevision. One of the main things that kept me from switching is their WiFi everywhere. But I couldn’t take the speed anymore so I switched to FiOS AND upgraded both mine and my wife’s phone to iPhone 3GS which, between processor and 3G network, is the same as WiFi!! Goodbye cable….