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At Long Last, the DTV Transition Is Upon Us

[qi:032] After a fourth-month delay, the DTV transition, which will enable several services to run on the 700 MHz spectrum that had long been used for analog TV, will kick off tomorrow. For the string of companies affected by the delay, it will be a sweet way to end the week. Verizon (s vzn) can finally begin its LTE deployment, Qualcomm (s qcom) can expand its MediaFLO service to new markets including San Francisco and Miami, and Cox Wireless can move ahead with its launch of 3G and 4G trials on the spectrum. Still, it’s estimated that 3 million Americans will be left in the dark because of the transition.

3 Responses to “At Long Last, the DTV Transition Is Upon Us”

  1. “Still”? I find it impossible to work up even the least bit of sympathy for anyone who has not heeded the constant drumbeat of PSAs and taken advantage of the govt coupons.

    This ridiculous boondoggle has cost taxpayers millions. We’re talking about OTA TV, not oxygen. If they aren’t ready, eventually someone will explain it them a little more s-l-o-w-l-y. No one has ever died for lack of Oprah.