ARCHOS 9pctablet Enters the Slate PC Game


We already knew that today was the day for an ARCHOS announcement. What we didn’t know for sure was what exactly the company had up its sleeve. I figured it would be an Android-powered MID with voice capabilities, but a quick peek at the company’s web site tells me how wrong I was. Meet the ARCHOS 9pctablet that runs Microsoft’s Windows 7 on an Intel Atom Z515. The slate PC with 9-inch resistive touchscreen weighs in at 800 grams and is 0.63 inches thin. ARCHOS crammed in an 80GB hard drive, Bluetooth, and two antennae for DVB-T broadcasts. I’m assuming there’s Wi-Fi in there as well, although there’s no mention of that on the product page.

Although time has proven that slate Tablet PCs are a tough sell, this device is poised to take advantage of the new touch features in Windows 7. More to follow on this device as details become available.


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