Broadband Content Bits:; Joost Adds 12 Partners; International

0 Comments The independent video rights distributor has won a one-year contract to distribute and monetise short-form content from Hat Trick Productions, owners of the rights to Father Ted and Armstrong & Miller. The deal covers online, mobile and IPTV platforms and MyVideoRights claims it can digitally fingerprint the clips to avoid unauthorised copying.

Joost: Online VOD platform has added content from not one, not two, but from 12 new partners to its library. They include: Marvel Entertainment (NYSE: MVL), which adds cartoons like the Hulk and X-Men; non-fiction network Atlas Media Corp; Texas-based indie music network Blastro Networks; Davis-Panzer Productions, which has rights to Highlander: The Series; anime studio TOEI Animation, Vogue TV and RDF USA which distributes comedy gameshow Banzai. It’s not all good for European VOD fans: the Marvel, TOEI and RDF rights are US-only.

BBC site changes: While has until now given non-UK users the choice of whether to read the UK or international version of the site, it’s now going to make that decision for you. BBC News editor Steve Hermann writes that the change is to stop confusing international users with content they can’t see — such as iPlayer content which is UK-only — which has become a problem since the site launched customisable “versions” in March. Also, the advertising that international users see will be more easily served.

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