Virgin Mobile USA: Pay-Per-MB Nationwide 3G Has a “Good Until” Date

TN-538637_VM_MC760_FrontLooking for affordable 3G connectivity without the contracts? Hit up your local Best Buy Mobile later this month and ask them for a Virgin Mobile USA Broadband2Go card. You’ll pay $149.99 for the USB adapter, which is good for EVDO in these here parts. You’ll actually be using Sprint’s national data network, so this isn’t just a regional deal. There’s no commitment, contract or monthly fee for the service. Instead, you’ve got total flexibility based on how much data you want to consume and how long you want to use it. Yes, like a milk carton, your 3G access has an expiration date. Here are the initial offerings:

  • $10 = 100 MB of data over 10 days
  • $20 = 250 MB of data over 30 days
  • $40 = 600 MB of data over 30 days
  • $60 = 1 GB of data over 30 days

Now on a cost-per-MB basis, these don’t compare with the 5 GB (aka: “unlimited”) plans that U.S. carriers tend to offer for $60 a month. But those plans typically require a two-year commitment, which adds up to $1,440 for the data. Folks who are constantly on the go and don’t want to worry about how much data they use are well-suited for those plans. Someone who only needs a little 3G access every now and then might be better off with these smaller, cheaper plans from Virgin Mobile USA.

I’m actually wondering if my $10 Boingo Wireless plan could be supplemented by this. When I’m out, I’m usually at or near a Boingo location. When I’m not, I could do my basic work tasks for far less money than what I’m paying Verizon Wireless now. Hmm…

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