Ironic But True — Many On Twitter Are Just Silent

Yesterday we heard from Harvard Business School researchers that only 10 percent of Twitter users are generating almost 90 percent of the content. Today, HubSpot, a Cambridge, Mass.-based startup, has released a study that not only backs up the findings of the HBS report, but also offers more granular information about the Twittersphere.

The company crunched the data from more than 4.5 million Twitter accounts over a 9-month period to get a better sense of Twitter growth and report statistics on tweets and the Twitter user base, including user geography. The report, entitled June 2009 State of the Twittersphere, has some astounding findings. Here are some of the key ones: twitterusergrowth.gif

  • 55.5 percent of Twitter users are not following anyone.
  • 52.7 percent of Twitter users have no followers.
  • 54.9 percent have never tweeted.
  • 45.12 have tweeted at least once.
  • Over 9 percent of Twitter users are inactive.

In sharp contrast to Facebook, where people tend to share too much personal information, Twitter lacks personal user data.

  • Only 24.14 percent of users have a bio in their profile.
  • Only 31.32 percent have a location in their profile.
  • 20.21 percent of users have a home page URL in their profile.

The good news for Twitter is that people who like Twitter love using the service. For instance, an average Twitter user tweets at least once — actually 0.97 times — a day and thus far has tweeted about 119.34 times total. Well clearly in this one aspect, I am above average. Surprisingly, only 1.44 percent of tweets are re-tweets. That is a much lower number than I thought it would be.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter usage is the highest during the business hours. After all, who wants to work when you can tweet about it?