I Just Had a Video Chat With Our CEO. He’s on a Plane

[wpvideo RCo9b3uA]

So I was just sitting here in the home office working when our CEO, Paul Walborsky, pinged me on Google Talk. (Whew, good thing I was working!) I answered the video call, and the first thing he says is: “Dude, do you see where I am?” Now I don’t fly much, but I can recognize the inside of a plane. Yup, Paul called me from 30,000 feet on a Virgin America flight to San Francisco.

At only $12.95 on a three-plus hour flight for Wi-Fi access, Virgin’s GoGo service is definitely accessible for most budgets. It’s even cheaper for shorter flights or if you want to use it on a handheld device. Now there’s definitely the crowd that will say, “Oh no, not for me. I don’t want to be connected all the time.” That’s cool, and I respect that. But think about the implications this type of connectivity brings if you want:

  • Real-time video and chat
  • Instant personal communications
  • The ability to work or play on the web
  • To connect with friends on social networks

During our conversation, Paul made a great observation. In less than 30 minutes, we were able to have a video conversation between a plane and the ground, record it, write up the experience, and share with it with tons of people. That’s the disruptive, real-time nature of today’s connected world.


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