GCut.to Feels Lucky When You Use It to Shorten Your URLs

gcutlogoBit.ly? SU.PR? Those are so yesterday. Today’s URL-shortening service is GCut.to. The service (launched anonymously) allows you to create a shortcut link that will go to the first result for a particular Google search — the same result that the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on Google takes you to. Gcut.to/taxes takes you to the IRS. Gcut.to/iphone takes you to Apple’s iPhone web site. The possibilities are endless. You don’t even have to go to GCut.to’s web site. You can create your own URLs on the fly.

OK, it’s true that GCut.to doesn’t really shorten URLs that well, because if you want a particular URL — like a permalink to a blog post — it’s probably going to take a long and exacting Google search to make it work. Which defeats the point of a URL-shortening service. But it’s free and it’s mildly amusing. Don’t try to use the GCut.to to find out more about GCut.to, though: http://gcut.to/gcut.to doesn’t work at all — at least not yet, anyway.


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