eReader on Android Soon, Planned for Palm Pre Later

classic_2009-09-06_070747Google Android handset owners can expect eReader availability in “mid- to late summer,” according to TeleRead. They spoke to Scott Pendergrast of Fictionwise, which is owned by Barnes & Noble.

The company’s “eReader everywhere” plans to conquer the handheld world don’t stop with Android, either. It’s prepping to support the Palm Pre natively so that folks don’t have to drop $30 for the Classic emulator and use the PalmOS version of eReader (shown).

While I’m thrilled to hear this news, I also want to see Amazon create a Kindle app for all of the various handset platforms. The ability to read on the Kindle and then pick up where I left off on an iPhone makes it so easy to read everywhere. I’d like to see that same literary joy come to Windows Mobile, Android, S60 and the Pre.


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