Verizon Touch Pro Gains GPS Access, Visual Voicemail


htc-touch-pro-verizon-xv6850Verizon (s VZ) is typically known for disabling hardware features on handsets, so it’s not often we get to report the opposite. Today is one of those days if you’re an HTC Touch Pro owner on the Verizon Wireless network. PhoneNews says that a firmware update, version 1.08 if you’re counting, is available for the Touch Pro and includes three major features.

First off, the update enables use of the GPS radio in apps like Google Maps and Windows Live Search for Mobile. Next up is the optional support for Visual Voicemail. I say optional because, although the firmware supports it, your wallet will have to as well. Verizon adds $3 a month for usage of this feature. Finally, the firmware updates your video codec to EVRC-B. To you it may not mean anything, but it will for Verizon. Using EVRC-B helps it prioritize voice traffic on their network as needed.


Kevin M

It was hard enough to enable GPS on my US Cellular Touch Pro. For over a month I though USCC had disabled it, but I actually had to dig through a bunch of menus to find location services (which are off by default). Thanks WinMo.

Ricky B

Pity you’d still be running on half the ram of Touch Pro’s from anywhere else — I do wonder if this’ll work for the people who paid extra to get a non-gimped Touch Pro and then moved it to Verizon’s network…

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