Turning to Google, DOE Maps Out Alt-Fuel Vehicle Ecosystem

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For those of you keeping score of the race among alternative fuel vehicle technologies to take over U.S. roads, the DOE and the National Renewable Energy Labs have just launched a new tool: an interactive map of alt-fuel vehicle hot spots and fueling infrastructure, displayed using Google Maps. Called “TransAtlas,” the map shows the respective density of flex fuel, diesel and hybrid vehicles around the country, as well as the existing and planned locations for stations where drivers can fill up on liquefied or compressed natural gas, propane, hydrogen, E85 blends, biodiesel or electricity.

As you can see in the screen shots below, hydrogen fueling and electric charging stations barely mark the map, while biodiesel makes a stronger showing. But picturing the green options compared to gas stations, we’re reminded how early the markets still are. We expect changes to show up on the map as stimulus dollars for EV infrastructure roll out and automaker-utility alliances start to deliver results.

Electric charging stations:

Hydrogen fueling stations:

Biodiesel fueling stations:

Layered EV charging stations (triangles) and plug-in hybrid density (yellow):

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