Today in Cleantech

Duke Energy and Cisco announced this morning that they’re working together on the utility’s smart grid plans; the first phase includes deploying 800,000 smart meters in Indiana, networked by Cisco, as well as home energy-mangement devices. It’s a landmark deal for Cisco — just a touch smaller than the high-profile Smart Grid Miami project announced earlier this year, and with no pesky Silver Spring Networks to share the networking glory. And in that sense, the timing couldn’t be better: Silver Spring and GE announced a new smart grid pilot of their own today with ComEd, clocking in with just 141,000 smart meters. That said, Cisco could still end up a partner in that project as well. According to Earth2Tech, ComEd hasn’t selected its vendor for in-home devices and networking. What do you think? Cisco and Silver Spring: allies or competitiors? Tweet your thoughts @celrae to weigh in.