StumbleUpon Launches Super URL-Shortener, SU.PR


supr_logo_splashStumbleUpon has launched a new URL-shortening service to compete with et al, called SU.PR. Om hypothesized earlier this year that services like could challenge Digg for social news supremacy, in part because tracks how many users click each particular link — allowing the company to rank (if they chose to) the most popular links in its network. SU.PR does that and more.

The key to SU.PR is that it links to the StumbleUpon network. That means that when you create a shortened URL for your content, you can automatically submit it to StumbleUpon at the same time — SU.PR even suggests the best time to submit your link for maximum traffic. In other words, StumbleUpon built a product that helps you game them for more traffic. Brilliant!

Tim Ferriss has more about how he’s using SU.PR to suit his needs. The service allows users to submit to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously and use their own domain name for the shortened URL, for example If you’re looking to send more traffic to your sites, the product is worth a look. But it’s still in beta, so when you head over to SU.PR and enter invite code “suprom.”



The best time to post is not to game them but based on your best performance. Which i think depends mainly on the subject of the link and then on the day / night factor.

Hawk Ridge

Agree, sounds like a smart idea. Tried to use your invite code but it was rejected. Guess I’ll be watching for one on Twitter.


Seems like a great idea. The URL shorten-ers have a great opportunity not only to track clicks, but to also give their users a place to promote their content. Seems like a really smart idea by Stumble – link the people doing the promotions with another big vehicle for reaching masses.

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