How to: Use Precise Cursor Control on the Palm Pre


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Right after I put together our first 10 Tips and Tricks for the Palm Pre (s PALM), I realized I forgot one of the best ones. That’s OK. This is one that’s better off seen and not heard read about. It has to do with getting the cursor exactly where you want it on your Pre in a text field. I got so used to the iPhone’s magnifying glass that I was actually bummed to learn there was no similar feature in text fields for the Pre. Luckily, the Palm rep at my Sprint (s S) store heard me grumbling and showed me this great trick.



Great tip, but it gets even better. If you hold down the shift key instead of the orange key and perform the same swiping with your other finger the text highlights. This is useful for copying/pasting/deleting text.

I like to first use the orange key finger swipe combination to position the cursor exactly where I need it to go, and then switch from the orange key to the shift key to highlight some text. Once highlighted, you can copy by touching the gesture area until the center button lights up and then press the C-key using your other hand. Similarly, use X to cut and V to paste.


Any ballfigures on charge time? My HTC mogul takes forever to charge via USB computer to the wall charger and I’m wondering if the Pre takes a while as well. Thanks!


wow thanks man, you have no idea how you helped with this tip


What I noticed was that you seem to suffer from hand-held typer’s thumb. Looks painful. I try to write my longer emails on a larger keyboard, but I’m still wait-listed for my Pre, so I don’t know as I would need bandages and new glasses by now, too.


Nice tip. Just wanted to mention that at the beginning of your video, your face was blurry while your coffee cup was in focus. Might need to close down the aperture (you’re using a DSLR for your video, right?) to get better DOF. :)

Kevin C. Tofel

Yup, I’ve been frustrated by trying to get the right focus of where I’m *going* to be when I set the camera up. Then again, this is high-def so I probably look better blurry. ;) Thanks for the tip!


Can’t believe I hadn’t thought of connecting the Pre directly to my receiver for Pandora streaming. So much easier than waking the HTPC from hibernate, opening up the browser, and doing it that way.

I won’t be using the music player app to do that, because all the music is on that computer anyway, but for Pandora that’s great.

James Kendrick

Very cool, I had forgotten all about this. One question, how can you work without Rock and Roll blasting out of those speakers? I could barely hear it. :)

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