Bluetooth Stereo Rocks on the Palm Pre

I finally got around to trying the Plantronics Pulsar 590E with the Palm Pre to see how well Bluetooth stereo is handled on the phone. It turns out it’s handled pretty darn well, and it is a great experience. The 590E is super-lightweight and has a microphone so the headset functions as stereo headphones for listening to music and also as a phone headset.

The Pre switches back and forth with ease. I was listening to music on the Pre when a call came in, and the Pre switched over to a headset automatically. When the call was terminated, the music started back up again. The 590E is a good phone headset with decent audio quality for calls. I had a long call with Kevin, and he said it sounded good.

I wouldn’t go around town wearing the Pulsar 590 all the time, but it works well in the coffee shop. I am satisfied that the Palm Pre handles A2DP very well, too. If you missed it when it first appeared, check out the Pulsar video I shot when I first got it:


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