Nokia N97 With Qik Hits U.S. Flagship Stores Today: $699

nokia-n97-skypeDid you forget about that “other” smartphone of the summer? With all of the U.S. buzz around Palm’s Pre, followed by Apple’s iPhone 3GS, it might be easy to overlook Nokia’s N97. But the Finnish company wants to remind you about their latest and greatest, so if you live near a flagship store, you can get your hands on the N97 today. You’ll have to pony up $699 if you want to leave the store with it, though.

Impressive specifications are nice, and the N97 offers them. That’s only half of the experience, though; software and services play an equal part. It’s good to see that Qik will come pre-loaded on the N97, according to Mashable. With Qik on the N97, you can record and stream high-quality video up to 642 x 358. Here’s a sample video for your own peepers to see. It looks good to my four eyes.

Want more info on the N97? I highly recommend the Nokia N97 Q&A page on Steve Litchfield’s All About Symbian site. It’s chock full o’ N97 tidbits.


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