MemberHub Adds Features, Revamps Pricing

MemberHub LogoOne of the more interesting, and challenging, things about following web apps is how quickly new features and functionality can be added. A review is like a snapshot and represents our impressions for that particular time period. But web apps are almost like living and breathing entities, and the hosted SaaS model allows for rapid-fire updates.

MemberHub - New NavigationFor example, since I last reviewed group collaboration service MemberHub back in April, it has already added some nifty functionality, including Photo Albums and Whiteboards, and has also revamped its pricing model.

The new features bring the same thoughtful implementation but no-nonsense feel that I liked my first go-round. Photos can be grouped together logically, and the upload process allows for multiple file uploads. The albums maintain the same permission-based access that is a big part of the entire product.

I’ve always been a fan of shared document or whiteboard collaboration, so I was glad to see this introduced. While it lacks the powerful comparison features of the whiteboards included with Basecamp or Backpack, it does have versioning functionality and an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor.

In addition to the new features, MemberHub now offers a tiered pricing model based on number of hubs and unique members. For most groups, I imagine the changes will make MemberHub a more cost-effective option. A free starter hub is still an option to get started or to give things a test run.

I was impressed with MemberHub back in April; these new features make it an even more compelling option.

How do you collaborate with your group?