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Report: Ad-Funded Blyk To Launch In India

image The UK’s ad-funded, youth targeted mobile service provider Blyk is bringing its model of free talk-time and texts in return for viewing advertising to India. reports that senior level recruitment is already underway, according to an unnamed source who was approached for a job at the new operation. Blyk spokesperson Ann Sarimo confirmed that Blyk plans on entering the Indian market, but declined to comment on timing.

After signing up some 200,000 customers in the UK, the only country in which it is operational, it appears that Blyk, which was started by ex-Nokia (NYSE: NOK) president Pekka Ala-Pietilä, and funded by the likes of Goldman Sachs and Sofinnova Partners, has hit a wall. It reiterated a few weeks ago that it was shifting strategy, calling its UK operations, a

3 Responses to “Report: Ad-Funded Blyk To Launch In India”

  1. Big hit in India. Free text plans and talk time and you are dubious about its success?
    But one thing, what sort of advertisements does the mobile receive. If there is a condition that mobile has to be a higher end version, then it may not reach a bigger part of India.
    We had Airtel running a similar mobile Ad program along with Beep untill March 2009. What happened now? That sort of model is a flop since advertisers in India are still less exposed towards mobile banner advertising.

  2. Considering the volume of indian telecom users, this model will definitely have a chance in India. One of the critical concern would be the tariff's getting lesser and lesser day by day. cause of this, free talk time wont be a bigger pull for users to go through this advertisement. it will require something more than free talk time.

  3. Yes i believe it can be a successful model in India. Reason being India is a young market, 70% of our population is under 35. So targeting India with such a concept wouldn't be a bad idea at all. If we talk about indian telecom industry, it is the fastest growing telecom industry in the world. Blyk will help mobile to become a more effective advertising platform than before. Currently mobile advertsing market in India is around 35-40 crores as against the total pie which is 25,000 crores. So by launching such a product we will generate a newer and a stronger advertising platform which has got the best reach as far as the final consumer is concerned. Our young population which is as it very fond of talking and messaging on the mobile phone, a product like this will only increase the mobile usage. It'll be a win-win situation for all :-)