WWDC Announcements: Smule’s Ge Wang and Twitterers Respond


We had a chance to talk to Dr. Ge Wang of Smule, makers of iPhone apps Ocarina and Leaf Trombone: World Stage. He, and some of our Twitter followers, share their thoughts about the new hardware and software announcements.

With our Twitter followers, we asked for their reaction and it was definitely a mixed bag.

Our question: What are your reactions to the new hardware announcements? What are the game changers?

mattbdunn: ipod touch still $400 for 32Gb when u can pay $300 for a 32Gb 3GS iphone! Where’s the 64Gb touch? No one will b buying those
odaynasser: they flopped big time
KevYocha: as an ATT customer lack of tethering and MMS is unforgivable. The update seems great for anyone else. My 3G is new too :(
vicener: Frankly I was a bit disappointed with the iPhone 3Gs, but I am looking forward to OSX Snow Leopard and iPhone OS 3.0
bonxtivalis: Zzzzz…
ryan_doughty: New hardware is fine, For me it will be the prices and tariffs on O2 UK that could make or break this as my next phone.
freddytaul: new iphone and MB pros def stole the show. great new options and prices on the MBP’s. my ibook might be headed out.
mmccl267: pretty lame that AT&T doesn’t support tethering. Any hope that they will change that?
andreaguiar: machine hardware = excellent news + $. new iphone is nice but I think it could have used a bit more new features (3mp only?)
askbal: I am surprised no Video in the firmware upgrade for 3G. Probably just for a feature differentiation with new 3GS?
mike20: apathy and none, in that order, lol! #wwdc
cmdotkom: I am really liking the sound of the new MacBook Pro line. I need a computer for work and will look into it as an option.
decti: still no 13″ mb with 1440 resolution == sucks

And my favorite:
aaroncflores: @theappleblog will the Dev Team have jail break ready by the 17th?

What do you think about today’s announcements?



“Twitterers Respond” is a great idea for a regular column. Just a thought . . .


Apple has hit a new low IMO by not including Voice Control functionality in the 3.0 update for the 3G. It seems like the 3G has the hardware guts to handle it so it is simply a software addition.

They have put profit before end user safety. Apple markets the iPhone as an all in one audio entertainment+Turn by Turn GPS+mobile phone solution for your car. Not having to take your hand off the wheel would mean safer operation. I have felt the iPhone UI for the iPod functionality was a step backwards from the iPod physical clickwheel since the beginning.

I would hope Apple would do the right and ethical thing and add Voice Control functionality to the iPhone3G as well.



Please explain how jailbreak gets you an iPhone without the ATT contract?


“ipod touch still $400 for 32Gb when u can pay $300 for a 32Gb 3GS iphone!”

No, the iPhone costs $300 PLUS $1,920 in monthly service fees over 2 years.

iPhone = $2,220

iPod touch = $400

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