WWDC 2009 Live Coverage Now!



Please tune in to our live coverage of WWDC 2009 Keynote where we’ll have photos and text updates throughout the entire event!

You can tune in via live.theappleblog.com or @theappleblog.



I’m also wondering about the contract plans. I was hoping that the iPhone would be available on some other carriers other than AT&T. Currently, I’m considering getting either an iPhone or Palm Pre, with both having significant pluses and minuses. The iPhone is on version 3.0 with a very mature OS while the Palm Pre has some nice features but is missing a lot of important stuff because it’s version 1.0. I really need good business connectivity and apps (good email, MS Exchange Activesync Server capability, etc.).


great live blog–thanks. still waiting for word on the contracts for new 3GS. I’m assuming that they’ll be the same. Makes me wonder what makes for the 3x speed increase. And what was the deal with tethering? Just an opportunity to get a dig in on ATT–which they deserve. It’s ridiculous that iPhone folks can’t use their iPhones as a modem like everyone else.

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