Travel Tip: Chair + Desk = Makeshift Standing Workstation


It can be hard to set up an ergonomic working environment when you’re on the road, which can lead to poor posture and back pain. A good way to improve posture is to work standing up. (It can also aid concentration, too.) However, while traveling it can be hard to find a convenient surface to put your laptop at the right height to make a standing desk.

A simple and quick way to make a makeshift standing desk on the road is to lift the chair up onto the desk, and then set your laptop on the chair. This usually puts my laptop at a comfortable working height, but you can adjust it by placing books underneath your computer. (If you’re in a hotel room, it will probably have a thick phone book that’s great for this job.) It’s not a particularly attractive solution, but it works pretty much anywhere, and it’s quick to take down when you’re ready to leave.


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