Kinpo Android Device: The UMPC Done Right?


I’m a little tongue-in-cheek with my post title, but watching the video of Kinpo’s Android tablet raises a good question about UMPCs in general. Why shoehorn a desktop operating system onto a mobile device? Obvious answers to that question mainly involve applications: support, availability, compatibility, and the like. The downsides are generally worse battery life due to X86 processors and inefficient user interfaces. That particular issue is lessening with Intel’s (s INTC) next-genration Atom platform in the works though.

UMPC debate aside, have a look at Kinpo’s 7-inch Android tablet, and see what you think. No word on price or availability yet, and it looks like there are still some kinks to be worked out. I like what I see. Thoughts on Android (s GOOG) for a device like this?

(via Engadget)



Nice device.

Can someone tell them to stop moving the videocam around … it makes it hard to watch the video.


I like this idea conceptually, but i agree with SmokeWhite–it looks way too thick, and it’s ugly with that bezel.


dont want a mobile OS on a device larger than a phone, why not have the mobile OS on something pocketable?

hardware wise, its awful. WAY to big, thick, for an ARM-based 7″. it should have NO bezel & be razor thin to even stand a chance


Clearly, their prototype is a bit rough, but conceptually, it is great.

Touch Revolution offers similar products, as well.

I suspect we’ll be seeing lots of devices, like these, running Android, in the coming months.

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