Find My iPhone and iDisk Support Make MobileMe More Attractive


Find My iPhone

When June 17 comes around, iPhone customers will definitely want to upgrade to the latest iPhone 3.0 software to take advantage of huge improvements with Apple’s oft-discussed MobileMe service.

iPhone 3.0, Where Are You?

If you are like me, losing things (it happens to all of us) is unfortunately common. While I haven’t lost my iPhone yet, I’ve had it happen to many friends. With the 3.0 software, Apple (s aapl) has introduced a new feature called Find My iPhone which will allow MobileMe customers to log into via any Internet-enabled computer and remotely locate their phone via the iPhone’s built-in GPS (or through cell phone triangulation on the original iPhone).

Additionally, users can now remotely display a message on their iPhone with the intention of alerting whomever may find their treasured mobile device. In case the screen isn’t attention-getting enough, users also have the ability to play a sound that will override the iPhone’s silent setting to make it easier to find a lost or misplaced phone.

Sometimes, however, bad things happen and you may not be able to retrieve your iPhone. In this case, Apple provides a solution that will allow a user to remotely wipe everything on their device, preventing the nefarious person who has acquired your iPhone from being able to do any real damage. In one click on the MobileMe web site, all of your personal information, including addresses, phone numbers, photos, email and more are deleted from your iPhone. If you eventually find your iPhone after you’ve wiped it, simply plugging it back into your Mac or PC will allow it to restore from its latest iPhone backup.

iDisk On The iPhone

iDisk Now On iPhone

In other news, Apple announced that iDisk support will be coming soon to the iPhone. A free application will be available on the App Store that will allow you to browse content from your iDisk. You can also share content from your iDisk to friends and family via email, all from your phone. Since the iPhone features built-in support for a variety of formats, including Microsoft Office and iWork documents, you can browse these as well. Editing these documents, however, is not supported at this time.

Public iDisk folders are also supported, both in terms of allowing you to browse other public folders as well as other users uploading content to your own public folder, which you can then browse from your phone.

These features are iPhone 3.0 OS and MobileMe dependent. Find My iPhone & Remote Wipe will be available on June 17 and iDisk support will be available at a later, unannounced, date.

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