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GM Opens Up Battery R&D Center: Today General Motors (s GM) opened its new Global Battery Systems Lab, a facility designed for testing the lithium-ion batteries planned for the Chevy Volt, plus other energy storage systems such as ultracapacitors. — CNET’s Green Tech

DOE Needs Dose of Its Own Medicine: The Department of Energy’s inspector general recently released the results of an audit showing that the agency has largely failed to implement the government’s own power-saving guidelines for computer monitors. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Tough Love for Maglev: A decade-old government program to develop low-speed urban magnetic levitation technology, or “maglev” has found that such systems may be feasible in the U.S., but that the initial infrastructure costs and availability of  technologies are “intimidating.” — Green Car Congress

Fight Climate Change, Get Cash?: EU finance ministers meeting tomorrow will discuss what would represent a fair amount for the wealthier countries responsible for much of the world’s accumulated greenhouse gas emissions to pay poorer countries to help them develop clean energy technologies and adapt to the effects of climate change. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Shifting Competition: Overall, renewable energy companies are starting to talk less of competition with oil and gas and more about an intensifying competition between alternative-energy technologies. — Greenwire via NYT

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