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Yahoo’s Bartz Dings Bing; No AOL Deal Happening in The “Forever Future”

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imageLess than a week after saying that Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) would be “cleaner and simpler without a Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) connection,” Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz threw cold water at the possibility that Yahoo would ever do a deal with AOL (NYSE: TWX). “No, not any time in the forever future,” she said when asked about the possibility during an interview on FOX Business Network. “Yahoo is a much stronger property in a different direction. There is no sense confusing all that.” An AOL-Yahoo tie-up was discussed last year, although the possibility hasn’t been talked about much recently. Both companies have gone on their own separate paths, with Yahoo hiring Bartz and Time Warner finally saying it would spin off its internet business.

During the interview, Bartz also said she was not concerned that Microsoft’s new search engine — Bing — may have surpassed Yahoo in market share for one day last week, according to a report by StatCounter. “One day is one day,” she said. “They didn’t beat us by much. It was one day. I think it’s gosh maybe it was in Omaha some place; It was some small area.” (For the record, the StatCounter statistics were global).

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3 Responses to “Yahoo’s Bartz Dings Bing; No AOL Deal Happening in The “Forever Future””

  1. Bartz has reason to be worried. Bing is a serious challenge to Yahoo as the number two search engine. Unlike Google, who should ignore the fray in the battle for number two, Yahoo is in the middle of it. And therefore, her swipe at Microsoft is par for the course. (Concerning AOL, she's right about looking the other way. There's no reason why a falling company need look at another falling company for a partnership.) More comments on

  2. jenkins

    She is NOT very convincing about her knowledge of the space/industry. They should really keep her in the ivory tower because her PR parade isn't going well.