Everybody Was A Loser In Ad Sales In Q1

It’s not a fun time to be selling ads for a local Sunday print supplement (ad spending down a whopping 37.7 percent) or a B2B magazine (ad spending down 29.9 percent). You’re a little happier if you’re selling ads for Spanish-language cable TV (down just 1.1 percent) or even display advertising (online was down 3.4 percent).

Everybody was a loser in ad spending in the first quarter, according to Nielsen. But some sellers are definitely getting punished more than others.

(The Nielsen report only tracks internet display advertising, but that figure is nevertheless in line with other recent findings on the internet advertising market. The Interactive Advertising Bureau says online advertising spending was down 5 percent during the first quarter, while Bernstein Research says it was down 4.1 percent.)

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