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North Korea Sentences Current TV Journalists to 12 Years of Labor

Terrible news. The two Current TV journalists arrested for trespassing in North Korea have been found guilty and sentenced to 12 years in labor camp. Laura Ling and Euna Lee were arrested March 17 by North Korean guards; they were working on a story about refugees on the China border and it’s not clear if they actually crossed the border themselves.

The conviction cannot be appealed through the North Korean court system as Ling and Lee were tried in the country’s highest court. Analysts had previously said a worst-case scenario would be that the women would be sentenced to 10 years in labor camps.

The Al Gore-founded Current has not commented publicly on any aspect of the situation, and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said she was “incredibly concerned” but did not want to interfere while the trial was ongoing. One analyst told the Associated Press that he expected Pyongyang will release the two if the U.S. reciprocates by sending an envoy to North Korea, which is currently fraying international relations by engaging in nuclear tests. More background and links here.

28 Responses to “North Korea Sentences Current TV Journalists to 12 Years of Labor”

  1. First of all, I don’t have any symphaty for them to call the U.S. for help, they know what they in for and it’s very stupid to go to a communist country and risk your freedom and family life for a story that people know what is going on, AL GORE HAVE NO BALLS to support his current workers for the life-threatening jobs, HE DOESN”T HAVE ANY IDEA IN CLIMATE CHANGES, I don’t know who is his ADVISOR is but all they want is your sympathy and MONEY, to this TWO JOURNALIST who is asking for forgiveness and admitting the stupid action that they did, hope will end in happy ending i’m just saying this because of your family especially your kids.

  2. What did they think would happen if they got caught? They did something real stupid in the name of journalism and free press in a country that we have had very bad relations with for over 50 years. Did they think they would be given Kimche and tea and sent home with flowers. They knew the risk they were taking and if they didn’t than they are more stupid than the people who sent them there for a story. If you think they will be released all I can say is “remember the Pueblo”

  3. North Korea has created a flutter in the world community. Obama was addressing Muslim world on one end and North Korea was planning to sentence US journalists. US should not take North Korea lighly. with this sentence they have shown the world that they can take US head ons.

  4. do any of you speculators imagine the STATE DEPT> told him to shut up,,, i just thought i showed really bad taste ( not to mention his ill informed speech) to be there instead of lobby in on capital hill

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  5. This is very sad. I wonder exactly what they did that was such a “grave crime.” Shouldn’t the camera-guy that escaped have the whole thing on camera? The video should show if they were being hostile.