Yahoo Tries to Keep Its Users From Going Elsewhere

ma_mail_1Why visit five sites when you can just visit one? That’s the theory behind Yahoo’s (s yhoo) rollout this week of new third-party apps and widgets on Yahoo Mail, My Yahoo and a few other sites. The company says it wants to “ease the pain of site-hopping.” In other words, it wants its users to stick around.

Starting today, users in the beta test can send money via PayPal (s ebay), edit and share photos via Picnik, and email files as large as 100MB via Zumo Drive — right from their Yahoo Mail inbox.┬áMy Yahoo users can access banking and finance information from and post to WordPress blogs right from their My Yahoo page. Yahoo also rolled out new features for its Connected TV product and Zimbra.

Yahoo exec Tapan Bhat wrote on the official Yahoo blog that the company is trying to “bring all that is good and useful on the Web even closer to your fingertips.” It’s very beneficial for the other companies in the arrangement as well. My Yahoo and Yahoo Mail are both hugely popular, with millions and millions of daily users. Getting featured on those pages will drive significant amounts traffic to partner sites — and the more features that Yahoo offers its users, the longer they will stick around looking at ads.