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How CableCos View Web Video

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Up until a few years ago, the only way to watch video was through an antenna or your cable or satellite provider. But as online video has grown, so too have our options. The video landscape is shifting, and multi-service operators are adapting to accommodate the new possibilities of not only web content, but of video delivered via the web. Clearleap and ActiveVideo Networks are two players in the web-video-to-TV sector working to expand MSO offerings beyond just traditional television. They have a front-row seat to this change the MSOs are going through, so we talked with Clearleap CEO Braxton Jarrett and ActiveVideo’s SVP of marketing, Edgar Villaplando, for their insights into the merging of new and oldteevee.

Jarrett has noticed a “huge shift” in attitudes from the MSOs who recognize that web video is now a part of their overall product plans, which include using the web to deliver content, such as local high school and college sports, to the television.

Villaplando says that cable operators are “highly motivated” by web video. In his view, as consumers are able to access video content on multiple screens, there’s an incentive for MSOs to get those eyeballs back onto the TV screen.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Between initiatives such as these to connect web video to televisions, MSOs are also exerting their influence to launch their own authentication systems that will open up what TV content is available online while simultaneously closing it off to only those with a subscription.