TAB Welcomes: Mark Crump


crump_angry headset

Boy, there have been a lot of these introductions going around, eh? You’d think there was a hiring surge or something. My name is Mark, and I’m the latest in the continuing series.

I got my freelance start writing about Massively Multiplayer Time Sinks for PC Gamer Magazine. Admittedly the only crossover between writing for them and TheAppleBlog is, “suck it up, Princess; people are going to edit your work.” I also wrote the MMOS X column over at After the proverbial break to “spend more time with my family” (even though my wife would claim differently) I answered the Call to Duty when Josh sounded the bugles.

I’ve had a lengthy history with the Macintosh. I bought one of the first units (I splurged on the 512k unit). I was a volunteer for the Boston Computer Society in their Resource Center. That was a great way to get my hands on a lot of great gear I could never afford. From there, I entered the printing industry working for service bureaus and commercial print shops. Dear Lord, it just hit me I used Photoshop and PageMaker versions 1. After a break from the Macintosh, I came back when I got my hands on a Pismo. Since then, my production computer has been a Mac. My current Mac kit is fairly modest. I’m using a 1st Gen Whitebook (with an upgraded 500g drive), and a 1st Gen iPhone.

I have a sarcastic and irreverent writing style and I’m looking forward to subjecting, err, sharing it with y’all.



I on the other hand, look forward to the sarcasm, dry wit, and intense personality. This is enjoyable stuff to read. If you have a Twitter account I’ll follow you too.

Look forward to it.


What a dreadful picture and introduction. I’ll be sure to read TAB less often!

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