Do Three I’s and Two Devices Equal One Happy Camper?


Here’s a concept we’ve bandied around ourselves from time to time: a notebook device with a modular screen that becomes a handheld. The Institute for Information Industry, or III, is showing off just such a concept at Computex. The base system is an HP Mini 1000 (s HP) netbook, but the touchscreen is actually a removable UMPC. VIA is powering the guts of the modified Mini with a 1.6GHz C7-M while the UMPC is an ARM system running Android.

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They look very cool. Small gadgets are the future nowdays nobody like bulky Laptops. Currently I’ve 13inch laptop I might go for netbooks in near future.


So off the base, you lose all the handwriting recognition Microsoft has developed?

It looks they are on the way to reinventing the old HP TC1100, only without the tablet functions?

Unless tablet functions have devolved to merely touch screen functions.

Mike Reilly

This is getting closer to the goal, but it’s not there, yet.

The idea of a tablet that detaches from its keyboard is right, but the tablet must be a full computer (Windows 7). An 8″ (or 8.9″) screen would be about right, with weight about 1 lb. A wide screen (aka Sony) would be good, for a wider keyboard. The bezel should be fairly tight. In tablet mode, maybe it could fit in a case on the belt, or with a loop over the shoulder.

When it attaches back to the convertible keyboard, the keyboard can also have a dvd writer, a good graphics card, and possibly, more battery. If the keyboard can expand wider when the computer is opened, that’s even better.
Better yet, the keyboard sub-unit can be made to attach over a slim battery. If more battery is needed, this assembly can sit over yet another slim battery.

As an added feature, this computer should integrate wirelessly with a small phone, possibly a earset with mic (and stereo attachment). The computer would provide primary input for the phone contacts list.

There; that should do it. HP would be the ideal provider, but they’ve somehow lost the vision. Maybe Fujitsu will do it.


Put a duel mode digitizer on that and a few other little tweeks and I would love to have that. Maybe even a slightly more powerful “desktop” base as well.


Definitely a cool concept, and prior to buying my HP 2730p at work, I frequently wished that I could have a detachable slate device of this nature, but the 2730p’s size and weight is perfect for me without sacrificing any functionality.

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