Acer Android Netbooks Will Include Windows After All

acer-aspire-one-10-inchIf you thought an Acer netbook running Android would be cheaper than the same system running Windows, you thought wrong. It’s not your fault, though. When Acer originally said they’d be offering Android on netbooks, they left out one key detail, reports DigiTimes. The netbooks will actually include a Windows license as well, so you can boot into one or the other operating system.

Considering the fact that Android on a netbook is still a new concept for many, I’m not terribly surprised by this development. For better or for worse, it’s essentially still a “Windows world” out there — it’s the OS that sells the most, so a hardware vendor is swimming against the current if they drop Windows from a particular device. I’m actually finding the concept of Android on a netbook very appealing and have for some time. Folks telling me that they don’t understand why are looking at today’s version of Android. I’m trying to look ahead and skate where the puck will be, not where it is. I see a rich platform with tons of potential. So much so that I’ve been researching the Android build for the ASUS Eee PC 701 to see if I can create one for my MSI Wind.