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ESPN The Magazine To Charge For Content Online

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image*ESPN* The Magazine becomes the latest print publication to try charging for its content online. The magazine announced on its website Friday that its online version,, was merging with the ESPN (NYSE: DIS) Insider service, which charges $39.95 a year for specialized sports content. “As of Friday June 5, ceased to exist as we know it, but the site’s signature pieces and voice continue to live on the Insider page,” the magazine alerts visitors. (Print subscribers can continue to access magazine articles via the Insider for free).

ESPN Publishing general manager Gary Hoenig tells Business Week that it is a move other publishers should make as well. “Why is it, in this business, we are apologetic when asking [consumers] to pay for what we give them online?” he asks. “It’s not like people in the milk business who think ‘we should give it away for free

3 Responses to “ESPN The Magazine To Charge For Content Online”

  1. J.C. Lettow

    Approximately two weeks ago, I subscribed for "Content Magazine." I did this for my Wife who NOW informs me a "number" was included in Ladies Home Journal advertisement.

    I am a bit confused, (Typical for a Male,) but I saw the comment "CHARGE" while I was on the net. This should not affect us as we made our request 14 days earlier. PLEASE RESPOND TO; [email protected]; Thank You!

    J.C. Lettow
    Former Gunnery Sergeant, USMC
    [email protected]

  2. patricia

    Please. Everybody should be thinking about charging for their content. What media outlet in traditional form ever gave away quality content for free? Nothing's changed in the world, just the platform. Good content costs money and with every other platform out there, people have been willing to pay for it. Why do anything different?

    One thing worth noting – ESPN was one of the first to also cut loose ad network and start selling ads on its own, if memory serves. That, and paid content, are smart moves. Nobody will realize it for a while, but later, for sure.

  3. Most of the publications today are thinking of charging fee for their content. No doubt that ESPN is considering this move. In this way, fees would be a great help for their operation.