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10 Signs That You’re a Mac Geek

Evolution of the Apple logo
Evolution of the Apple logo

If you’ve ever been called an Apple (s aapl) Fanboy, you’ve no doubt tried to defend yourself by claiming you simply like things that work, blah, blah, blah. So here are 10 ways to test your Mac geekiness to see if you really are a Fanboy.

  1. You know that Apple was founded by the two Steves, and a third partner named Ronald Wayne, who was responsible for the creation of the original Apple logo.
  2. You not only have an Apple sticker on your car window, but you’ve placed one in the corner of every window in your house, effectively notifying would-be thieves that you have something worthy of breaking in for.
  3. The only three fonts you use in your documents are Motter Tektura, Garamond and Myriad.
  4. You download updates to Apple software that you don’t even own.
  5. You’ve taken the day off from work during every Macworld Expo to listen to the keynote speech.
  6. You have milk crates for furniture, yet you manage to scrape up enough money to pay AT&T’s obscenely high fees for the privilege of owning an iPhone.
  7. You take a screenshot of your desktop and upload it to Flickr…every day!
  8. You have three fart, two flashlight, and three Twitter apps on your iPhone.
  9. You have no less than seven black turtleneck shirts.
  10. You have signed, framed and hung on the wall “unboxing” photos of every Apple product you’ve ever purchased…including AppleCare.

27 Responses to “10 Signs That You’re a Mac Geek”

  1. Xairbusdriver

    Some are amusing, some made me snicker (at myself!). “Humor” doesn’t always have to make one roll in the floor, for cryin’ out loud. Lighten up! Or, maybe many of the more obnoxious poster are from bitter Windows users? LOL! ROTFL! ;-)

  2. Good list, but most of these things seem to be for a Apple fanboy, not a Mac Geek. Mac Geeks would know random little factoids about Apple’s history or have every keyboard shortcut memorised, not have fart apps and Apple stickers in every window (You’d be hard pressed to find someone who has done that, by the time they had enough stickers they’d be out of the house for not paying loans back).

    The list was funny though, and some of them I haven’t seen on other “Are you an Apple Geek?” lists.

  3. cathy Cotter

    Some really great ideas here!
    i thought i was an apple geek….
    not being able to part with every apple computer I have owned from the Apple IICX! and the literature. i used to have the apple sticker on my house door window but now i use my car window! lol, noone will know where to steal my happy macs!

  4. Good gosh people. I’m legitimately bummed now. The majority of these comments prove that our readers have absolutely not sense of humor and their mommas never taught them how to laugh.


  5. Peter

    In Adam’s list, I have my own ADC membership as well as the one from the company I work for. But my reason–besides my own WWDC registration–is the hardware discount.

    Of course, the last time I went to MacWorld, it was in Boston. Like ’88 or ’89.

    As for the Apple sticker, I don’t have one on my car. My previous car had a rainbow Apple sticker on it, though. And my car before that had a “I’d rather be driving a Macintosh” bumper sticker, so I’ve paid dues, boys.

    Now get the hell off my lawn.

  6. Schell

    I thought it was funny. But no self-respecting Mac Geek would own a fart app. Not one, ever. And, putting an Apple sticker on your car is the epitome of lame. How much are they paying you to act as a mobile billboard? (this goes for all self-identifying marks stuck to the back of vehicles).

  7. GREAT way to welcome a new TAB writer! NOT Great light humour for a Friday afternoon. And James, not everyone is as rude as this people on TAB. Some commenters even have souls!

  8. reh-don

    11. You respond to a top 10 list, having hoped to laugh at your overdeveloped love of mouse clicks and screen pinches, only to be disappointed that it’s so off the mark, you know it was written by a bitter PC. Get a Mac, have a smile, ease up. (The Ronald Wayne reference was nice, though.)

  9. Adam Jackson

    These are taken to the extreme. I don’t know a single person that qualifies for all of these things. I’d like to suggest a revised list.

    1. You’ve been to Macworld at least once (i’ve been 8 times)
    2. You pay for ADC membership just for betas of software and WWDC just to see Steve speak. (me)
    3. You bought an iPhone and 3G on the day they went on sale (me)
    4. You’ve waited in line for a copy of OSX (me)
    5. You’ve worked at apple (me).