Use Sony Reader Notes to Keep Movie Characters Straight


IMAG0121.jpgAs I’ve previously mentioned, I’m not an annotator when it comes to digital content on my Amazon Kindle (s AMZN). Maybe I just need the right use case to get started. A jkOTR reader has pinged me via a Twitter DM with one great example that’s worth sharing.

Eddie just read 1973’s “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3,” which was turned into a movie in 1974 and then remade two additional times. The most recent remake is due out next week and Eddie plans to catch the flick. In order to help keep all of the characters straight and provide useful info, Eddie took notes for each on his Sony Reader PRS-700. Since the device has a touchscreen, all he has to do is tap a character name and his notes are called up. Even better: the PRS-700 has LED sidelights, so Eddie can read his character notes in a dark theater, if desired. With so many great stories from books going to the big screen, this slick idea could be pretty useful. Thanks for sharing, Eddie!



I’m currently reading Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kaku on my Sony eReader PRS-700. Like EddieW, I love the ability to take notes as I’m reading. Examples include highlighting stuff that he mentions which I want to go look at later, and using the notes to highlight quotes and other things that I want to share with others. I *love* this reader!!



Wouldn’t you still have to create all those notes yourself? That sounds like a big pain just for a movie. I’d imagine it would be easier to simply look up the characters on Wikipedia with you cell phone.


@Mac jones – I’m a PC, so I need all the help I can get. 8-0

gheymann – Yeah, I’ll be there texting with the folks a couple of rows in front of me, talking with my friends sitting around to me and showing the closest ones a Hulu video on my Viliv, all the while chatting with a buddy on my new LG Watchphone and occasionally watching the movie if something *really* catches my attention. All these cool distractions, that’s why I need a map!

(KIDDING! The only technology that ever comes with me into the theater is the touch chip on my credit card so I can afford the whole thing…..)


God James worse idea ever, with all the distractions already with people texting during movies the last thing we need is people bringing more technology into the theaters,

I’m as big a geek as the next guy…. but there is a time and place for everything!!!

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