TAB Welcomes: Charles Jade


Charles Jade

Before the Internet and blogging, they used to call it logorrhea, and for most of my adult life people have been begging me to shut up. Now readers of TheAppleBlog will get that opportunity, too.

You may recognize me from Ars Technica, where I intermittently wrote about technology in general and Apple specifically. Rumors are a favorite topic of mine — the blurrier the photo, the better. I like the numbers game too, market share, units sold, trends, pretty graphs included. With the astounding success of the App Store, I’m running more mobile applications, and I will be reviewing some of these with an emphasis on the experience. For me, the wonder of Apple has always been the experience. No other purveyor of personal technology has obsessed so successfully about human-machine interaction.

In 2001, my own Apple conversion came when the wil-o’-wisp lighting of the white iBook and “lickable” Aqua interface of OS X proved too powerful to resist. Since then, the Jade household has owned some ten Macs. A Mac mini currently sits by the television, a MacBook Air on my wife’s lap, and my own personal life support system consists of a unibody MacBook and an iPhone 3G. The MacBook is the 2GHz model, upgraded to 4GB of RAM, and flying like a jetpack naked with an 80GB Intel X-25M SSD inside.

I’m really looking forward to writing for TheAppleBlog from the vantage point of my leather armchair overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Perpetually desperate for attention, I also look forward to continuing the conversation with you about all things Apple in article comments and the forums. If interested, you can follow my discrete monologue, as well as reading my occasional ephemeral thought.


Eric Bangeman

Nice Ars shirt, Jade. Thanks for all of the hard work at Ars Technica over the years, and best of luck in your new gig. I remain a fan of your writing.

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